In the current economic situation efficiency and optimisation of project management is increasingly important.

Having methods adapted to the culture of the firm and tools able to formalise the adopted and adapted method is key and indispensable to being able to chase targets for optimisation of resources and as a consequence of this improve the firm's performance.

To meet these important challenges ALMIS works with IP2CS to spread the use and operation of SciForma, being its northern delegate.

The main reasons for the selection of this tool as against others on the market were clear, it is a tool for the management of project portfolios which offers responses necessary from all standpoints in project management:

Methodological standpoint: pre-configured for recognised methodologies: Scrum-Agile, PMBok, Cadena critica, PRINCE2, Phase-Gate (New Product Development).

Adaptable to own methodology and flexible for using a specific methodology depending on the type of project for a portfolio. It is not necessary for all projects to follow a particular methodology. Personalised management of the processes of the company within the tool..

Technical standpoint: system 100% web and available in Saas .

Functional coverage standpoint: Covers all areas relating to project management (Demand management, Project portfolio management, Implementation of project, "what-if" risk simulation, resource and parties management, Control panel, Collaboration and reports). All of which with information in real time which helps in having the best information at the time of each decision..

Integration standpoint: flexibility for integration using only the parameterisation tools offered, without the need for ad-hoc programming and thus a quicker integration process..

Cost standpoint: Very much controlled at the level of acquisition of user rights and in implementation due to the ease the tool offers, with no need for specific programming as stated in the point above..

The tool is developed by a firm with more than 40 years experience in project management, with ongoing development and a large support and maintenance system..

For additional information on the tool consult the website of the official distributor IP2CS, the website of SciForma or contact us directly for personalised consultation or demos..