The management of information and communication with customers becomes automatic and simple:

  • KYC, contracts and pre-contracts
  • Management of portfolio owner and co-owners
  • Tripartite contracts with custodians

We simplify customer risk profiling:

  • Suitability and convenience test
  • Management of the tests and periodic updates

Customer commissions are automated with full traceability

  • Portfolio commission settings
  • Calculation of commissions: settlement, custody, management and success


We help having a clearly defined asset classification by risk level (CNMV):

  • Due to liquidity and complexity according to regulations
  • Risk indicators (1/6) semaphore

The mechanization of Bloomberg saves a lot of time and costs:

  • Initial description of the asset
  • Corporate events of your life

Exactly the same for the market data associated with the managed assets:

  • Prices of equities, fixed income, funds ...
  • Interest rate curves
  • Spot exchange rates, forwards, ...


El abanico de servicios a ofrecer a los clientes es amplio y diverso

Tipos de mandatos:

  • Gestión: decisiones de inversión
  • Asesoramiento puro: propuestas de inversión
  • Intermediación: órdenes de inversión
  • Asesoramiento con intermediación
  • Carteras modelos

Comisiones generadas por las ejecuciones:

  • Por natualeza, activo, divisa, efectivos,...
  • Reparto de comisiones entre agentes, agencia, gestores y depositaría


Communications with the custodians will no longer be a problem, offering the possibility of connecting with multiple custodians

  • Communication of contracted operations: equities, fixed income, funds, repos, derivatives, ...
  • Corporate events
  • Checking cash balances and securities
  • Net asset value of the funds


The manager has all the tools to focus on what he really needs, to operate:


  • Investment, divestment, rebalancing and transfers
  • Fit to model portfolios
  • Complete portfolio simulation: consumption, liquidity and position
  • Sending orders and executions to the FIT OMS market (order management system)


  • Algorithm of the breakdown of the executions of grouped orders (CNMV)
  • Final settlement breakdown
  • Automatic mirror operations

Efficiency measures in management:

  • Drawdown Analysis
  • Benchmarking

Portfolio control:

  • Risk limits
  • Offset of profitability of portfolios by periods


Reserved, solvency and public reports

Automation, control and encryption of reports

Origin of the information to configure the reports:

  • From the portfolio management module
  • From the accounting module


Exploiting portfolio information becomes quick, effective and visually attractive

Consolidated information by portfolio:

  • Detail of the position for each asset
  • Position by asset type of risk
  • Detail capital gains / losses
  • Bank account balances
  • Detail of executed operations
  • Evolution of heritage and performance
  • Analysis of assets and returns
  • Adhoc lists on the client's portfolio

It offers to customers a modern and efficient vision, making available a private area from IFA website:

  • Access from mobile devices
  • Secure access via user and secret key
  • Archiving of reports generated for the customer


  • Adhoc lists on the client's portfolio
  • Configuration of circuits and accounting events for each portfolio asset
  • Generation of accounting entries for portfolios
  • Bidirectional traceability from each operation to its accounting entries and vice versa
  • Additional invoice management module for suppliers and customers integrated with accounting

Based on the risk profile of the client / portfolio and the classification of each asset according to the assigned risk, the manager / advisor of the portfolio can make investment decisions