Outsourcing of services

Specialist outsourcing area

Outsourcing of certain functional and technical areas is something which is becoming increasingly attractive and necessary for companies.


Maximum efficiency focusing on what the company does best.

Flexibility for achieving change according to business conditions, demand for products and / or services and technology.

Profitability of the organisation, increasing productivity, quality, improving reliability and delivery times.

Quicker time-cycles , optimisation of use of resources, greater availability and profitability.

Reduce investment in equipment, inventories, staff, among others, and put those resources to other uses.

Access to the market and business opportunities by way of supplier networks.

Innovative ideas for improving the business, products and services.


We are backed by more than 20 years working on this model both for national and international clients. We have the logistics, training and experience to guarantee the success of this work model. Ask us for references for our work models and check our experience.


Mr. Aitor Biain Galdos
Head of Sales

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