Opened in 1994, Almis is a firm which develops software for financial entities which was created in the Basque Country using as its raw material the knowledge of its founders.


Firm specialising in the development and integration of information and consultancy systems in the financial world. With ongoing growth and an ability to evolve and adapt, it has become one of the leading businesses in the industry, able to create partnerships and joint ventures with top national and international companies.

Highly qualified and experienced engineers make up a trained team which has built up significant knowledge of the financial world. The important stock of knowledge invested from the start of the company has led Almis to opening up to new types of service, widening its range from software development to specific consultancy.

Added value

Knowledge and the passion for a job well done and co-operation are the elements which make up the philosophy which runs through the veins of Almis. Being of service to our clients is as important to us as the treatment of the people we are made up of, and for that reason we take an active part in ongoing training and our team's personal and professional development.

  • We use our own work methods and development tools, which make it possible for us to speed up and adapt our solutions to the specific needs of each of our clients. Our developments are uniform and our solutions modular and scalable.
  • We work with exhaustive functional and technical documentation, which allows us to offer our clients a highly exclusive service and to be at the cutting edge of the latest technologies.
  • We are editors and integrators of our own solutions, we do not depend on anyone, which allows us to speed up our developments and provide a service which is unique compared to the competition.
  • Adaptation and knowledge of the national and international market make our solutions the best choice now and in the future.

Proximity and close cooperation with the client are important to us, we link ourselves to the project in all its stages and in its subsequent development and maintenance. More than 20 years' experience in the industry learning from the work we do for our clients and an inextinguishable passion for our work make confidence our greatest added value.