Web application development platform. With our engine A.W.E. we seek to have development equipment concentrate on business logic, making it possible to optimise resources and reduce installation costs.

Added value and competitive advantages

  • Independence of developer and technology
  • Ease of deployment, security, accessibility and scalability.
  • Optimisation of development resources
  • Reduction of project costs
  • Homogeneous and evolutionary code.
  • Simple developer profile required.
  • Increased level of industrialisation of development

It allows the development of high-quality solutions without the need for a high level of knowledge of web architectures

Generic functions in each layer

Creating new windows, designing them, integrating them and maintaining them becomes a simple task. Enjoy all of the functions provided by the platform.

Forget the historical problems of web solutions, we solve generically and efficiently the problems they pose.


  • Modular architecture with engines and services
  • Framework based on actions
  • Access to databases
  • Calls to web services
  • Security control
  • Identified roles for users
  • File generation
  • Jasper reports
  • Exporting of data to PDF, XLS, DOC
  • Attached files
  • Mail sending


  • Framework javascript
  • Modular architecture with widgets
  • Ajax requests
  • Error control
  • Multiple data input
  • Design according to themes
  • “Grids” of various types
  • Dependencies programming
  • Launching of actions
  • Centralised calls to server
  • Form validation

Almis Web Toolkit

A.W.T. is a tool for web developers designed for the creation of projects based on A.W.E. (Almis Web Engine). With A.W.T. we can develop new windows in a highly graphic and intuitive way for the user and integrate business logic in a very simple way.

Visual development of web applications without programming