• Financial services

    The safety of experience

    At ALMIS we combine our own technology (FIT Suite) and experience gained from 20 years in the
    financial services industry to offer integral solutions of specialist consultancy and outsourcing.

    Tesorería Servicios de inversión
  • A.W.E

    Development platform
    for web applications

    Optimisation of resources and reduction of costs is within reach of any development team
    thanks to our A.W.E (Almis Web Engine)

  • Technological services

    The power of technology
    at the service of finance

    The technological products ALMIS FIT Suite and AWE are the perfect
    combination for the development of technical-financial projects

FIT RoboAdvisor

Automatización de gestión de carteras de inversión.

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Suite FIT

FIT Financial Intelligence Tools offers financial solutions to specific problems. Consultancy work is possible thanks to the tools designed by our financial technicians.

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FIT Trading

For the integral management of all types of portfolio of a trading room.

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FIT Basle

For valuation adjustments due to counterparty risk in OTC derivatives and new solvency requirements

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FIT Investment Services

For the complete management of the activity of investment services undertakings (ESI).

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FIT Pension Fund

For the activity of pension funds and EPSV.

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For feeding the ALM system (Focus). Specific and particularised implementation of the generic concept of ETL (extract, transform, load).

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FIT Collateralisation

For the complete management of collateral.

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FIT Risks

For the integral management of the risk of an entity.

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FIT Prices

For the calculation of prices, coverage and Greeks of simple and exotic derivatives.

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The web application development engine ALMIS, increasingly sought after by our clients, is the tool best suited to increase technical efficiency in the financial sector.

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Management, technology and outsourcing consultancy services, solutions adapted to the needs of our clients. With our outsourced services we contribute to improving the competitiveness of our clients. The outsourcing of processes and operations forms part of the improvement of our clients' businesses at all levels, organisational, operative and HHRR.

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In the current economic situation efficiency and optimisation of project management is increasingly important.

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Experience, knowledge and passion are the bases of our work. With ongoing growth and an ability to evolve and adapt, Almis has become one of the leading businesses in the industry, being able to create partnerships and joint ventures with top national and international companies. Collaboration with clients is necessary to understand their problems, analyse their needs and offer solutions. Highly qualified and experienced engineers make up a trained team capable of designing solutions for any technological-financial task.

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